Persian food 101

Hi lovelies!hope you all had a great Sunday…personally, it’s my favourite day of the week as there’s so much to explore in this beautiful city and only for $2.50!! you can’t beat that value for money.

I have decided to start at the very beginning. What is Persian food exactly and where are the best places to find it ? ….you may ask.

Persian food, as I often explain to anyone who’s never had it consist of mostly rice dishes with meat or chicken stews that contain different spices and fruits. We like to combine meats with things like Pommegranate, dried lime and Barberries etc…we also lurrve to use Saffron and Rose water.

It may sound unusual but it’s fabulous. Trust me!

However, before I get into all that I would like to talk about the number one dish that is considered a national dish : “Chelo Kabab”

This dish basically consists of two parts “Chelo” which is the rice portion (basmati rice usually saffron infused which is the traditional and proper way to make it) and “Kabab” which is the meat. Persian’s make rice differently to westerners but that’s a topic for a future post…Persian Kabab is very different to Doner Kebabs. The main difference being that it’s cooked over fire with metal skewers and brushed and marinated in saffron.

There are also numerous varieties of either beef,lamb and chicken. Furthermore it’s subdivided into minced form; which is called “kabab-e-koobideh” (which means that the meat has been pounded i.e. the way it’s made) and thin strips of meat; this type is known as “barg” (which means leaf as the meat segments are very thin and flat…like a leaf)

Usually “Chelo Kabab” is also accompanied by chargrilled tomatoes, Chilli, butter and Sumac. The way to eat it is to sprinkle the meat with the Sumac which gives it a tangy flavour, mix the butter with the rice and then dig in!!

I hope you’re salivating because I am 🙂

There are a few Persian restaurants in Sydney and like a good persian I have already tried a fair few….. I have found some good ones and still in the search of more so if you are keen to try please contact me or better still, if you have found some great “chelo kabab” please let me know so I can go and check it out.

Hope this was slightly educational and have a great week ahead Xx


My first, very amateur attempt at making “kabeb-e-koobideh”!


So this is my very first post!

I’m very excited to finally have the nerve to begin a blog. I’ve never done anything like this before but have always wanted to, so I figure I have nothing to lose!

I would like to start by explaining the reason for creating this blog. I have a passion for food; both eating and creating. I work in an analytical environment so this blog is a means of expressing my creative side.

What I like about food is that it can create a common interest and connect people. This is my aim and I hope to achieve it. I welcome any comments or feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact me. Looking forward to hearing from you Xx