A happy and glorious Sunday to my lovely readers! today is the day I talk about “Baghlava”…..I’m sure most of you have experienced Baklava and this sweet is not that foreign to you. However the Persian style is slightly different.

Persian baghlava is more dry than other types of baklava. It’s cut into bite size very dense diamond shaped servings. Usually consisting of  either an almond or pistachio filling and sometimes walnut; however that’s more Turkish in origin.It’s drenched in rosewater syrup we can’t help it, we need to put rosewater in everything 😉 It is slightly lighter but still very decadent and oh so moorish!!

Basically to make baghlava; almond or pistachio meal is spiced with cardamom and sugar.This mixture is layered in between sheets of buttered filo pastry. It’s then baked, cooled,cut into tiny diamond shaped slices and soaked in a rich rosewater syrup.A deep square or rectangular shaped dish is used to make baghlava as it helps the pastry soak up the syrup evenly.

The cities of Yazd and Qazvin are famous for producing top notch baghlava that’s  distributed throughout Iran. Baghlava is always present in persian households during festive seasons like Norouz (Persian new year).

On a bit of a nostalgic note; I recently had the realisation that it has been one whole year since we were privileged enough to be given the opportunity to introduce and sell our Persian sweets at the Farm gate market, which included a cake version of this awesome dessert….how time flies!

And on that note, I’ll leave you… till next time Xx


A very popular treat with the Tassie locals, almond based baghlava cakes


so many wonderful memories


Playing around with flavour and texture combinations…baghlava cake slices served with lime and tarragon granita 🙂