Christmas in July!

Happy Sunday funday my lovely readers!Hope you have missed me ;p

Apologies but I have been under the weather of late and have only started recovering in the past few days. Between being sick and the cold weather I haven’t had the chance to do much. Having said that, I did finally find THE cutest moulds to make mini tarts in and felt that today was just the opportune time to use them.

Initially I was thinking of making my signature Sour Cherry Fereni tarts in miniature form but I thought as it’s so cold I will use a more Christmas inspired colour to inject a bit of oomph to this Winter’s day.

This recipe is part Persian Fusion and part Gordon Ramsay 😉 I initially saw this quick jam recipe on his You Tube channel years ago and decided to give it a try as it looked super easy. It turned out to be super fabulous; a great standalone jam recipe as well as an awesome addition to any dessert….I loved it so much I even incorporated into a Fereni flavour and sold it during our market days back in Hobart. I know it’s a winning recipe and certain that you will love it. You can thank me later ;p

Gordon Ramsay’s Quick Strawberry and Balsamic Jam recipe:


P.S. That Crumpet recipe is the BEST, incase you feel like trying it out 🙂

Now that you have made the jam, let it cool at room temperature. Whilst the jam is cooling make the shortcrust pastry dough by mixing flour, chopped cold butter and a pinch of salt with a splash of cold water and blitz it in a food processor until it looks like a breadcrumb mixture, then make the mixture into a round ball and cover it with plastic wrap and place it in the fridge.

Hot Tip:make sure you have half the amount of butter to flour ratio

To make the Fereni, in a small pot on the stove heat 1/2 cup of rice flour to 1 1/2 cups of water. Whisk on low to medium heat until you feel the mixture start to thicken. Add 2 tbsp of sugar and keep stirring. Note; you can add more sugar depending on your palate and preference. However be sure to not make it too sweet as it will be mixed with the jam so ideally it should to be balanced. Combine the jam with the Fereni and keep mixing on low heat until the white the Fereni mixture has changed colour and has been fully incorporated into the jam. This should be a reddish colour. Add some fresh mashed up strawberry pieces and remove from heat. Let the Fereni cool and place in the fridge to allow the flavour to enhance.

Knead the pastry dough and place into moulds, then bake at 180 degrees Celcius for 30 mins. Allow the Tartlets to cool and pipe the Fereni into the shells and decorate with Golpar and Salt.

Hot Tip: I like to use a zip lock bag and cut the corner to use for piping


And that’s pretty much it, super easy and doesn’t require a whole bunch of ingredients but it sure to make an impression at any event! That’s all from me on this cold wintery day. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Till next time Xx