Au Revoir

Hello there my lovely readers, hope you are all doing well and taking good care.I have an announcement to make; as you may have already guessed from the title, this is my very last post!

It might be a shock! but this is also my 4 year anniversary and I’ve had a fabulous time with you all but all good things must come to an end and what better way to go than on a high note ☺️

So, I decided to give you one last sweet recipe with a Persian fusion twist πŸ˜‰

In leading up to this post I kept thinking what sweet should I do? what will represent the culmination of this blog perfectly? I racked my brain and finally came up with Cheesecake….yup, that old chestnut!!

I have attempted baking it in the past and it’s always been a crowd pleaser but this time I decided to make it slightly Persian in flavour and so it’s a mixture of two great desserts. One been the cake and one been Akbar Mashti! If y’all don’t know what Akbar Mashti is, then do yourself a favour and look it up. It’s one of my all time favourite ice cream flavours so what better way to end this blog with an Akbar Mashti Cheesecake?! I’m literally drooling over here 🀀

So here it is, my final recipe. Bon Appetit!

Akbar Mashti Cheesecake


  • 250 g cream cheese
  • 125 ml pouring cream
  • 70 ml of frozen shards of pouring cream
  • 50 g melted butter for the base and some for lining
  • 25 g of ground pistachio for base and 25 g for filling
  • 25 g of ground cook oats
  • 50 g of icing sugar
  • 2 1/2 tbsp of steeped Saffron threads
  • pinch of salt
  • 1-2 tbsp of honey
  • 1-2 tbsp of rosewater ( I used yek o yek)
  • 1 tsp of ground cardamom
  • 1 Lemon for zesting
  • dried rose petals for garnish


  • This is a no bake cheesecake so just need to combine the ingredients and let it set overnight in the fridge. You can use gelatin powder to help set it faster but I didn’t use it in this recipe
  • To make the base; combine the oats and ground pistachios with melted butter and honey and line the base of your mould/tray etc
  • Place in fridge to set for 30 mins
  • Allow the cream cheese to get to room temperature and then using a beater or kitchen aid, beat until it’s smooth
  • Add icing sugar, cardamom, rose water, saffron, salt, honey into the bowl and beat
  • Slowly add the pouring cream to the mixture and further beat, be mindful not to overwork the mixture
  • Also add some more ground pistachio into the mixture and the lemon zest
  • Remove frozen pouring cream and break into small shards and using a spatula mix into mixture
  • Remove base from fridge, line mould with baking paper and using a tea spoon gently add the mixture from edges into the middle
  • Make sure there are no bubbles and then using a flat metal spatula remove any excess mixture from the top of the mould. Mixture should be flush and smooth with the rim of the mould or try
  • Gently tap the tray of mould to allow any trapped bubbles in the mixture to be released
  • Place in fridge overnight to set. Once the cake is set, remove mould gently
  • Garnish as desired and serve
Voila!! turned out pretty good, don’t you think?

There you have it lovelies; my Akbar Mashti Cheesecake recipe. I hope you give it a go. I guarantee you’ll be pleasantly surprised ☺️

Fancy a slice?!

It’s been a real treat writing these posts and thank you all for the support these past four years, I’m truly grateful πŸ’›

I’d like to thank my beautiful mama for always being my rock and number one cheerleader 😘

My love affair with food will never end so please follow my instagram handle @_shortandsweet_ for more foodie adventures.

Hope to see you there, au revoir Xx

Tahini Crumpets

Happy Easter my lovely readers! Hope you are all safe and finding the upside of isolation in these challenging and crazy times. Indeed this Easter break has been a far contrast to what I’m used to. Having no plans for days on end and being stuck indoors can really mess with your mental and emotional wellbeing. Hence we must find new and more creative ways to pass the time.

I must admit, I too have been feeling a bit low of late but turning to my blog and experimenting with cooking has definitely helped elevate my mood. I also find exercise can help put things into perspective for me. I hope that you have also found some routine to help you through this new normal existence. I know that I will be more grateful for the little things I had taken for granted once all this is finally over.

OK, enough reminiscing and let’s get back to business!So first things first, crumpets are one of my favourite things to eat. I made them myself a few years ago using a Gordon Ramsay recipe off Youtube and it was a total winner. Once you eat homemade crumpets you can’t really eat those cardboard types from the supermarket. They just taste sooooo much better made from scratch. Also they are super easy to make and don’t really require many ingredients.

Having said this, I decided to be a tad adventurous and play with this recipe a bit….give it a middle eastern flare as I tend to with most things I make πŸ˜‰one of the sweet treats I tend to crave from time to time is Halva, not the one I have posted before but a different type that is based on Tahini called “Halva Shekari”.

Full disclosure; my intention was to make Halva flavoured crumpets however the flavours didn’t exactly come out that way but they were still quite tasty and different to your average crumpets with jam. Hence, decided to roll with it and name them “Tahini Crumpets” as it was the predominant flavour that came through!

With that, I present you the recipe for “Tahini Crumpets” hope you give it a go as they are a real winner πŸ˜ƒ

Tahini Crumpet recipe


  • 175g white flour
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • pinch of caster sugar
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 3 tbsp Tahini paste
  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • 1 tsp dried yeast
  • 125 ml of warm milk
  • Oil and butter for frying
  • Halva shekari pieces for garnish


  • Gently heat the milk but don’t bring to a boil, leave aside and add 150 ml of warm water to it
  • Sift the flour, salt, sugar and bicarbonate of soda into a bowl and make a well in the centre
  • Add the yeast and warm milk mixture
  • Add honey and Tahini paste
  • Thoroughly mix the batter using a hand whisk until the batter is smooth

hot tip: if batter is too think you can add up to another 100ml of warm water

  • Cover batter and leave to rise in a warm place for 1 hour or until it has doubled in size with a spongy consistency
  • Once the batter is ready heat a frying with oil and butter and add the batter into crumpet moulds or just tip all the batter into the pan to make one giant crumpet!! (I have done this before)
  • Allow a few minutes (2-3 mins) on one side, the batter will start to bubble indicating that it’s ready to be flipped to the other side
  • Remove from pan and serve with cream, jam or in this case Halva Shekari

Bon Apetite!!

Below you can see the two ways I plated it, first one is a fancy pants way and the second one is a more rustic way. Both were equally delicious 😝

#fancypantscrumpets 🎩

There you have it, my Easter post for this year. Please stay safe, till next time Xx

Rainy day treat

Hello my wonderful readers!! Hope you are having a great start to the decade. I thought I’d start my first post for 2020 with a delicious treat. After months of horrible fires across our country we have been blessed with some rain and boy is it raining outside!

What better way to celebrate the occasion with some comfort food?and what’s better than homemade pasta…absolutely nothing πŸ˜‹

This recipe is a little bit Persian but mostly Italian! and there is no need for pasta makers or any fancy kitchen equipment. All you need is a pair of hands #oldskool

Barberry and Saffron Fettuccine

Ingredients for pasta dough

  • 2 cups of plain all purpose flour sifted
  • 6 eggs (2 yolk only)
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • 1/2 cup of Barberries

Ingredients for sauce

  • 100g butter
  • 2 tbps saffron steeped
  • Barberries
  • Olive oil
  • Dill
  • Persian Fetta and Pistacchio slivers for garnish


  • To make any pasta dough start by sifting the flour on a flat surface and create a well in the centre
  • crack the eggs in a separate bowl and transfer them into the well
  • add a drizzle of Olive oil and some salt
  • then using a fork slowly mix the surrounding flour into the well
  • continue to do this step until you can’t use the fork anymore and switch to kneading the dough with your hands
  • once the dough looks and feels easy to roll, cover in cling wrap and leave at room temperature for 30 mins
  • using a rolling pin roll out the dough into a thin flat sheet, add extra flour to the surface
  • Once you are happy with the thickness of the sheet, flour the surface and fold ends into centre to create a square shape
  • Cut the dough into equal size pieces and add some flour to stop the strands from sticking
  • In a pot boil some water and blanch the pasta strands, be careful not to break them
  • In a small pot heat up olive oil, butter some saffron and add Barberries and dill
  • Toss the strained pasta strands and mix well so the sauce becomes incorporated with the strands
  • Serve with Persian Fetta, Dill and Pistacchios

This recipe is so simple yet tasty and it’s always impressive when you can make something from scratch! You can even decide what flavour combinations to use if you are not into the whole Persian fusion thing. Hope you guys will give it a go!

Till next time Xx

Devonshire Tea with a Persian twist!

A happy and glorious Saturday to you my lovely readers! Hope you’ve been well. I’m back from hibernation, in time for the warmer season 😜

I thought I’d keep this post like my namesake very short and sweet! This recipe is one of my favourites. I love, love, lurrrve Devonshire tea (I mean who doesn’t?)

Anytime I see it on the menu I am ordering it so I thought, why not make it myself. Guess what, I did and I’m writing about it 😝

This type of tea is also known as a cream tea and is a form of afternoon tea that consists of tea served with scones, clotted cream and jam. Traditionally it is a specialty of Devon and Cornwall in England although there is debate on the correct order of serving the jam and cream the scone!

For this post though, I will be breaking tradition and putting a Persian twist on the whole thing and serving it the way I want. Hope you enjoy this post as it’s a real treat…pun intended.

Azzy’s Devonshire Tea


  • 50 g of cold butter cut into cubes
  • 200-300 g Self raising flour
  • 1 tbspn caster sugar
  • pinch of salt
  • 125 ml of milk
  • 2-3 tspn of persian rosewater
  • 2-3 tspn of cardamom
  • 1-2 tbsp crushed rose petals


  • in a medium bowl mix the flour and the butter cubes, rub the butter together with the flour until it becomes a crumb like texture
  • add in the sugar, salt, cardamom and crushed rose petals
  • add the rose water to the milk and create a well in the center of the flour mixture to pour the milk mixture into
  • gently knead and place onto a lightly floured surface
  • bring the dough together gently and create a circle
  • pre-heat oven to 220Β°C
  • using scone moulds cut into the dough and re-knead gently as needed
  • repeat this until no more dough is left
  • place moulded circular doughs onto a lined oven tray
  • brush the tops of the doughs with milk
  • place in oven and reduce the heat to 180Β°C for 30 mins
  • once the tops of scones have turned a golden brown colour, remove from oven and place in a bowl and cover the scones with a towel
  • serve with tea, jam and clotted cream

Hot tip: be gentle with the dough as scones don’t like to be kneaded too much

Beautiful and delicious, it’s the total package πŸ˜‰

I opted to use a sour cherry jam (home made) as it’s more in line with the whole Persian twist but feel to use whatever jam flavour that you want. You can’t go wrong!

I enjoy my Devonshire tea with a nice French Earl Grey or any vanilla based teas like Melbourne Breakfast or Paris Vanilla. Those are the selections that I would pick but if you prefer something different please let me know so that I can give it a go.

I can eat this every day of the week!!

Really hoped that you enjoyed this post…better late than never eh?!

Till next time Xx

Aloo Mossama

Happy Sunday funday my lovely readers, hope you’re reading this post from a warm and cosy place. It’s finally the last few weeks of winter and has been pretty windy of late so I’m really looking forward to some sun!

Speaking of this weather, I’ve been meaning to make this particular stew for a while but because I’ve been on a health kick I couldn’t justify making it and then not eating it 😝 so I had a look through some of my old recipes from a few years ago when I was auditioning for MKR and found it with some nice photos so I thought I’d share it with you today.

This stew is so tasty, I’ve been craving it for a while now but because it contains sugar I thought it’ll just be better if I reminisce about it as I’m trying to reduce my sugar intake these days (I know it totally goes against my brand name, believe me the irony is not lost on me!)

I actually submitted this recipe to MKR during our auditioning process and it was one of my picks to make on the show as the flavour combination is fantastic. It’s warm and sweet and smells so good. Like most Persian stews, it contains a mixture of meat, spices and dried fruits but this particular stew is on the sweeter side. Although you don’t have to make it that sweet if you don’t want to but it’s famous for being a sweet tasting stew.

This stew is usually made with poultry; either chicken or duck. However I think even spatchcock would be a nice touch.

For this particular recipe I have used chicken, but I urge you to use what you want and experiment.

This recipe is quite simple and doesn’t require too many ingredients. Basically the poultry gets marinated and then poached in the sauce base. It’s then traditionally served with rice, however to dabble in some Persian fusion I also made it as a pie filling. In this method you make the marinade and sauce base a bit more chunky rather than making it runny so that it can make a sturdy filling.

So the following is a simple recipe for Aloo mossama (aka prune stew), hope you give it a go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the taste.

Aloo Mossama

Ingredients required

  • 1 onion roughly chopped (I usually use spanish onions as I love the flavour)
  • 1 and a half cups of pitted prunes, you can find these in the health food aisle of the supermarket
  • 1/2- 1 cup of sugar, this can vary based on your taste. You can also use brown sugar instead of caster
  • 250g of poultry, if duck is used you can always seal and fry it separately then add to the sauce
  • pinch of Turmeric
  • 1 tbsp Tomato paste
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • salt and pepper to taste


  • In a medium to large pot, fry the chopped onion until soft in texture
  • add the turmeric and salt
  • add the prunes and mix until an even mixture is formed
  • add the tomato paste and allow it to cook
  • add the cinnamon and pepper
  • then add the sugar and allow it to coat the mixture
  • finally add the chicken/ duck to the mixture and let it seal and get marinated with the sauce
  • Once all the ingredients are in the pot, fill it with water (about 3/4 full) and allow the meat to cook/poach
  • Once the meat is cooked you can serve it with some rice
Aloo Mossama with saffron rice and potato tahdig πŸ˜‹

Or if you want to dabble, you can use it as a filling like I did.

Some Persian fusion going on here!! Aloo mossama pie on the left and Dizzi pie on the right

I really hope you attempt this dish, as mentioned you can make it anyway you like so go on and experiment. You’ll be amazed by the flavour, I guarantee it!

Hope you enjoy the last few weeks of winter, till next time Xx

Bloggaversary 3.0

Happy Sunday my lovely readers! Hope you are warm and cosy on this cold winter’s day.

I’m so so happy to be writing this post today as my baby blog has turned 3!! Can you believe it? I sure can’t! I’m so excited to be sharing this news with you, it feels like only yesterday that I had moved to the big smoke and decided to start my very own blog. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would be here. I feel so blessed to have this creative space and the support of you lovely folk who tune in to read my posts.

I thought to celebrate this milestone; a sweet recipe was in order and what better than a cake right? well, how about a cake made of many layers of crepes!! super duper easy but very impressive. A Mille Feuille inspired crepe cake is just what this anniversary needs….Tres Chic πŸ˜‰

This recipe is so simple and elegant and it’s french in meaning (a thousand layers) usually it is made with thin layers of puff pastry with cream and jam filling. For this recipe though, I have substituted pastry with crepes and as always injected some Persian flavour to it. However, whatever flavour combination you decide to go with it will be a stunning end result!

Mille Feuille Crepe Cake

Crepe ingredients

  • 4 large eggs at room temperature
  • 2 cups of all purpose flour, sifted
  • 2 tbs Sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla bean extract
  • 1 tsp Persian rose water
  • 1/2 tsp Salt
  • 2 1/2 cups of milk
  • 1 tbs unsalted butter melted and cooled plus additional for greasing the pan

Chantilly cream

  • 600 ml thickened cream
  • icing sugar
  • 1 tsp Vanilla bean extract
  • 1 tsp Persian rose water
  • Strawberries, sliced

The two main utensils needed here are a hand blender and a small frying pan.

For the Crepe, mix all the ingredients in a large bowl and blend until the batter is smooth and without chunks. Then heat a small frying pan on medium heat and grease with butter and pour enough batter to lightly cover the surface of the pan. Roll the batter around in the pan so it evenly spreads and let it cook for a few minutes and then with a spatula flip the crepe and heat the other side. Once crepe is ready place on paper towel and grease the pan and pour more batter. Do this at least 10-15 times to achieve the desired amount of crepes required.

For the Chantilly cream, mix the cream with the desired amount of icing sugar add the vanilla extract and rose water. Blend the mixture until the cream’s consistency changes and is no longer runny. Be careful to not over whip/blend as it can split and turn into butter!!

Add the slices of strawberries to the cream and using a spatula mix through and place in the fridge for at least 30 mins.

Once your components are ready then you can construct the crepe cake by just placing one crepe and using a spatula to evenly spread the cream and strawberries and then laying another crepe. Do this until you have a decent amount of layers. Garnish the top layer and refrigerate. Bring to room temperature before serving.

Voila!! how impressive does this look 🀩

This is a really fun recipe so I hope that you do give it a go. That’s it for my anniversary post. I would like to thank you all for the ongoing support. I am so grateful and appreciative 😘

Till next time Xx

Not your average buns!

Hello lovely readers, happy Easter!! Hope you are making the most of this long weekend. I know I am ☺️

Super excited about this recipe that I’m sharing with you today. One of my favourite things about Easter is eating delicious Hot Cross buns. I love, love, love them so much that I decided to make them myself this year….but of course with a twist!

For this recipe I am incorporating some Persian ingredients. This will be your only challenge. If you can’t find these ingredients simply substitute or leave out. However, you may find these items at Persian or middle eastern grocers.

This recipe can be a bit time consuming so allow yourself some time, also if you have a kitchen aid it really comes in handy but if not, don’t worry as you can always use your hands! (The kitchen aid only saves you kneading time). I hope you give it a go and have fun getting creative with it 😊

Persian style Hot Cross buns

Prep time 2-3 hours makes 12

Ingredients for the dough

  • 3 cups of plain flour
  • 1 cup of almond meal
  • 2x 7g sachets of dried yeast
  • 1/4 cup of raw sugar
  • 1 1/2 tsp of all spice
  • 1 1/2 tsp of cardamom
  • pinch of salt
  • 1 1/2 cups of barberries and green sultanas (Persian sultanas) mixture
  • 40g of unsalted butter
  • 300ml of milk
  • 2 eggs lightly beaten

Flour Paste

  • 1/2 cup of plain flour
  • 5 tbsp of water


  • 1/3 cup of water
  • 1 tbsp saffron mixture
  • 2tbsp raw sugar
  • pistacchio and rose petals to garnish


  • combine flour, almond meal, yeast, sugar, all spice, cardamom, salt and barberry/sultana mixture to a large bowl
  • melt the butter in the microwave for 60 sec
  • add milk to butter and heat further until mixture is lukewarm
  • add the milk mixture and the eggs to the flour mixture
  • mix the dough until it comes together then knead for 10 minutes on a floured surface. alternatively use a kitchen aid on low to medium speed with the dough hook
  • place the dough in a lightly oiled bowl and cover with plastic wrap for 90 minutes in a warm, draught free place until it doubles in size
  • line a large baking tray with paper
  • punch the dough down to it’s original size and knead for 30 seconds on a lightly floured surface
  • divide into 12 equal portions and shape into a ball
  • place balls onto tray about 1 cm apart
  • cover again and set aside for another 30 minutes
  • pre-heat oven to 180 C fan force
  • make the flour paste in a small bowl by mixing the ingredients until paste is formed then pipe the paste onto buns in the form of a cross
  • bake for 20-25 mins
  • make the glaze by heating water, saffron and sugar in a small pot over low heat. stir until sugar dissolves. Bring to boil and let it boil for 3-4 mins
  • brush the glaze over the buns and add the garnish
  • serve warm (my recommendation) or at room temperature
nom nom nom….soooo delicious πŸ˜‹

Well, that’s all I got for you. I hope you have a fantastic and safe Easter break. As for me, I’ll shortly devour these buns 😝

Till next time Xx

Till next time Xx

Sabzi Polo

Hello my lovely readers and a very happy Norouz to you all!! Hope you had a fantastic Tahvil-e-saal with your loved ones. I’m soooo excited to share with you my recipe for a very fabulous Sabzi Polo 🀩

This year I thought to keep things pretty traditional….no need to mess with the classics. They are classic for a reason right?! but perhaps we can elevate it a little and make it more contemporary. That’s always been my thinking anyway.

Now, for those who don’t know about Sabzi Polo; firstly, where have you been?! 😝 and second, you’re missing out….but not for long. Sabzi Polo is theee dish that is prepared to bring in the Persian new year aka Norouz. A lot of herbs are used because it symbolises the beginning of spring time and freshness. Also, it is mostly served with fish. To learn more about what Polo is and the different ways it’s prepared please refer to an older post from 2016 called “Chelo vs Polo feat. Tahdig” as I won’t be getting in too much detail regarding the preparation of Polo in this post. I also have previous posts about Norouz and all the festivities it entails, so make sure you check that out if you haven’t already.

I know everyone has their own way of making Sabzi Polo for Norouz, especially when it comes to the fish. In Iran, definitely in the Shomal region we like to use “Mahi Sefid” aka Caspian Kutum. However since that species of fish is very hard to come by we can work with what we got!

For this post I am using a whole Snapper but feel free to use whatever type of fish you like. I recommend one that has a white meat rather than a Salmon or a Trout as it’s more traditional. However, if that’s all you got then run with it.

So, for this dish it’s really important to allow both the rice “Polo” and the fish shine equally. The beautiful rice that is so fresh with all the flavour from the herbs should be the perfect accompaniment to the fish that is usually grilled/smoked. The rice in this dish like many traditional Persian dishes, is more like a Pilaf. The way to prepare it differs to the western way so please check out that post if you’re keen to try it. The preparation of the fish enhances the flavour of the whole dish and just elevates it to the next level.

For this recipe it is desirable to have a grill but if you don’t you can always buy a dedicated fish grill basket and cook it on the stove top like I did.

Ok, first thing you have to do once you have your fish is to marinate it. I used the following ingredients for the marinate;

  • Lime
  • Ginger
  • Garlic
  • Turmeric
  • Coriander root
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper

Cover the fish generously with the above mixture and leave in the fridge for about half an hour and then 20 mins at room temperature.

For the rice or Polo you will need the following herbs (either fresh or frozen) I used frozen as I’m lazy 🀣 but honestly you can’t tell the difference. The following chopped herbs are what you need for the rice. Around 400-500grams is adequate for 4 cups of rice which I prepared using the “Abkesh” method.

Sabzi Polo herb mixture

  • Chives
  • Parsley
  • Coriander
  • Dill

Chopped garlic is also added to this herb mixture. You need to add this mixture to the rice before it’s ready to be drained, mix a few times to allow for the herbs and garlic to be evenly spread between the rice. The rice will also need some butter and Saffron to pour over it once it is close to being ready (when you start to see steam). For the method I used, the fish needed about 5-7 mins on each side on the stove top however this may differ depending on the grill type used so it’s always a good idea to check it regularly to make sure that it’s cooked evenly.

You can serve it anyway you like, I opted for a more rustic yet contemporary style. Garnished with fried ginger, garlic slices, spring onion and pink lemons (even though you can’t really tell from the photo!) πŸ˜‹

That’s my Norouz post this year, hope you enjoyed it. May it be a year full of good health and abundant blessings for you all.

We opted for a very minimalistic Haftsin this year….so in love with it!! #haftsingoals

Finally, for all of my readers who are not following my instagram account @_shortandsweet_ try not to laugh too hard at the following GIF and for those who already follow sorry for making you watch it again πŸ˜…

Yes I have no shame!! #happydance #sorrynotsorry

Till next time Xx


Hello there my lovely readers!! Welcome to my first blog of the year. I know I’m a little late but I’ve come up with something quite special which I know you will absolutely lurrrve….you know what they say; good things take time πŸ˜‰

I decided to go with a sweet dish for my first post of 2019 and guess what inspired me….Valentine’s Day! yep that’s right. I’m not much of a fan so I’m just taking inspiration. Whether you’re in a relationship or not I have the most amazing recipe for you to try. It’s actually a pudding but I’ve put a modern twist on it that takes it to the next level.

This is one of my all time favourite puddings, it’s usually served in the winter time because it feels so hearty and is full of spices which makes it feel warm and a little like comfort food. Also, it’s so good for digestion and gut health not to mention it’s totally vegan #winning!!

This recipe uses a spice mixture to make the master mix that you can use anytime. The only other thing you will need is a mortar and pestle. The rest is straight forward.


Master spice mix:

  • 3 tbsp of Cloves
  • 2 tbsp Nutmeg
  • 4 tbsp Cumin
  • 4 tbsp Aniseed
  • 4 tbsp Cinnamon
  • 4 tbsp Coriander seed
  • 1 tbsp Saffron threads
  • 4 tbsp Turmeric
  • 4 tbsp Cardamom
  • 4 tbsp Oregano

As mentioned, the above is your master mix. You will need to either find these ingredients in powder/ground form or use a mortar and pestle to make the mixture. Once the mixture is made it will last you FOREVER!! no seriously it will last a very long time as you will need to use a small amount for the Kachi. With this you are half way there, the remainder is on the stove top.

In a medium pot on low heat warm up 1/4 of oil, then to it add 1 cup of flour and mix until the flour is cooked aka changes in colour and aroma. In a separate bowl mix 2 tbsp of the Kachi spice mix into 5 tbsp of water then add it to the cooked flour mixture. Using the back of a spatula (and some force) incorporate the spice mixture into the flour mixture until a homogenous paste like substance forms. Then boil the kettle and add 5 cups of boiling water, 1 cup at a time. Using a whisk, keep mixing until the texture changes and feels like a thick soup. Add 3/4 cup of caster sugar, stir with the whisk and add more if you prefer a sweeter pudding but I don’t like my Kachi super sweet so I only add enough to taste the sweetness.

To this add 2 tbsp of steeped Saffron and finally 2 tbsp of Persian rose water. let it cool and serve, it’s really that simple. Your whole kitchen will smell amazing so that’s an added bonus.

Traditionally Kachi is served as a cold pudding but is better when it’s warm…I think anyway

Ok so now your wondering what all the fuss is about…well just to make it more fancy and special I decided to transform this pudding into a bonafide dessert. How you ask? I did a lot of thinking and finally decided to go fine dining and turn it into a dome πŸ™‚

Yep, that’s right. I even bought a dome mould and everything. It totally paid off to as it looks divine if I say so myself.

How good does this look?! Seriously!! #Kachidome

Sorry, didn’t mean to toot my own horn but I really wasn’t expecting it to look this awesome πŸ™‚

Anyhoo, with the dome the only extra bit you will need to do is add 5 tsp of gelatin powder to some hot water and mix it through your Kachi once it’s finished. Then pour it immediately into the dome moulds. Then stick it in the fridge for a couple of hours to set. For vegans, perhaps use agar agar as the substitute if you want to go fancy otherwise the traditional pudding way of serving is also good.

Anyway, that’s it for me. Hope you enjoyed my very first post for 2019. Stay tuned for my next post which will come out in time for Persian New Year!!

Till next time Xx

Fa La La La La…

Merry Christmas my lovely readers!! Hope you are having a wonderful day filled with love and joy amongst loved ones. As promised I am posting my final recipe for the year and what better time to do it than on Christmas day πŸ™‚

In a few hours time I’m headed to spend time with my dear friends and loved ones hence decided to once again bake a cake….a festive cake, incorporating Persian flavours and full of colour!!

This year I opted to make a Bundt cake as I just love the sophisticated presentation of it. I have a go to Bundt recipe that is full proof however this year I couldn’t find it anywhere so I had to resort to the internet and make my adjustments. Luckily it worked out well so I hope you enjoy it and give it a go.

Christmas Bundt



  • 1 1/2 cups of unsalted butter at room temperature
  • 1 1/2 cups of raw caster sugar
  • 6 eggs at room temperature
  • 2 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 1/2 tsp salt
  • 3 cups of all purpose flour
  • 1 tbsp greek yoghurt
  • 3/4 cups of milk
  • 2 tbsp Persian rose water
  • 2 tbsp steeped Saffron


  • Vegetable oil
  • 1/2 cup Barberries
  • 1/4 cup pistachios
  • 1/4 cup of slivered almonds
  • 1 tbsp steeped Saffron
  • 1 tbsp Persian rose water


  • 2 cups of icing sugar
  • 2 tbsp melted butter
  • 3 tbsp milk
  • 1 tbsp Persian rose water
  • 2 tbsp steeped Saffron
  • pinch of salt
  • 1/4-1/2 lemon juice and zest


This is a pretty simple recipe, you do need a mixer for it to be able to yield a nice sponge. Either a hand mixer or a bench top one is ideal.

To make the sponge; cream the butter by beating it with the sugar until a light and fluffy mixture develops. Then add the baking powder and salt and mix to combine. Add the yoghurt at this stage.

Pre-heat the oven to 180 degrees Celcius fan bake. Weigh out the flour, make sure it’s sifted and set aside. With the mixer running at medium speed add the first 3 eggs one at a time to the mixture. Then prior to adding the next egg add 2-3 tbsp of the flour. Once it is combined then add the egg. Repeat this process for the remainder of the eggs.

Add the rose water and saffron to the milk and slowly pour half of the mixture to the bowl, then add a third of the remainder of the flour and repeat until both the milk and flour are fully added and incorporated to the batter mixture and keep mixing on until the batter is smooth and fluffy. Scrape the bottom and sides of the bowl with a spatula to make sure the mixture is smooth and even.

Set the mixture aside and in a small pan, sautΓ© the filling ingredients on the stove top and set aside to slightly cool. Grease the Bundt pan thoroughly with vegetable oil and you can coat it with granulated sugar (this is optional to help the cake not to stick to the pan)

Hot tip: Don’t use butter to grease the pan as it will cause the cake to stick and break.

Once the pan is greased, scoop the batter into it using a spatula and smooth it as you go along. Once you reach the half way point of the pan, add the filling with a table spoon to the batter, make sure that you leave adequate space around the edges and only fill in all around the middle part of the Bundt. Then continue on with adding the remainder of the batter to the pan and smooth the top so that it looks even.

Bake for 50-60 mins or until the batter has started to turn brown and a long skewer inserted into the center comes out clean.

Remove the cake from the oven and let it cool for five minutes, gently loosen the edges at this point using a knife or a flat metal spatula. Then invert onto a cooling rack and leave for another 5 minutes before attempting to loosen the pan.

Make the glaze at this point and set aside, gently slide the pan from the sponge. Give it a little tap or jiggle to help it slide off. Pour the glaze and let it cool. Decorate and serve.

I couldn’t resist a slo-mo ;P

Well that’s it for me for this year, it’s been an amazing year. Wishing you all a fantastic and safe festive period. See you all in the new year for more fun!! Till then Xx